A-Maze Artists

‘Boundless: Transitions’ Exhibition

A-Maze, a women-led artist collective, held ‘Boundless: Transitions’ exhibition which took place in Deptford’s A.P.T. Gallery October 2023.

A-Maze Artists' Group is woman-led and includes practitioners of all ages & diverse cultural backgrounds with a wide range of artistic and technical skills. The Covid-19 crisis showed us how interconnected we all are and how, if we can just change one thing in our lives, it has an impact on everything else. Fion Gunn initiated this group in March 2020.​

Our areas of enquiry and inspiration include: displacement, migration, realisation of virtual worlds through emerging digital tools and reaching out to audience-participants. We collaborate using online regular meetings. We discuss concepts, aesthetic, design, technical tools, production management, funding of exhibitions, residences and projects.

From the Left Top: Maureen Kendal, Chen Mei-Tsen, Fion Gunn Middle: Freddie Sanders, Nazia Parvez, Ardern Hulme-Beaman Bottom: Audrey Mullins, Alan Hudson, Shoran Jiang

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