Drawing the Journey

These drawings are the result of a committed practice of sketching in direct response to my travels.

My travelling studio kit includes a box of 17 unison soft colour pastels selected to reflect colours found in nature; sketching pencils, Pitt artists pens, putty rubber, sponge, two Japanese brushes bought in Tokyo, sketch books and papers.


Tokyo at TeamLab immersive art installation.

TeamLab installation exhibition, ‘Planets’

All participants needed to remove foot and leg clothing up to the knees. This drawing conjures up the watery immersive feelings as we waded through murky waters of Koi - Japanese carp and water flowers with a community of participants playing in the magical space created using human interaction, sensor systems generating unique combinations of lighting, mirrors, projections.


Team Lab - Tokyo “planets”

Immersed in the projected sensations
With crowds of other participants
Observing each other
We experiment in parallel universes
Exploring 360 degrees of
Corridors of light
Fishes swimming in unison
Giant soft light balls
Flower petals in cascades
All interactive to our touch
Projected on our bodies
Together we play.


On the way to Kanazawa by Bullet Train.

We journeyed across central Japan from Tokyo to the Northern Alps by Bullet Train.
Schemata across this landscape: mountains, rivers, snow-laden trees, bright red or blue semi circles as bridges, the bare branches of pines created grids of tessellated triangles.


Memory of sunlight

On the left, strong sunlight filtering through a small bamboo plantation in Kyoto.
Now in a cafe in Fujiyama by one of the five lakes surrounding Mt Fuji. Soft sunlight from the right filtering into the valley.


Drawing - Townsville, Queensland

I worked on this image at different times of day, the mountains and trees changed form and colour depending on the light. The man and dog returned to this spot by the river in the morning and late afternoon. Often it seemed that the man wanted to stop briefly and then move on but each time the dog tugged on his lead trying to stay longer. Sometimes they stayed looking at the river for about 20 minutes together. We stayed in Townsville for two nights, each morning and late afternoon I worked on this drawing with pencils, pastel, watercolour and Japanese brushes. Each time I saw the man and his dog at the same spot looking at the river.


Drawing - From Train window on journeys from Tokyo to Northern Alps

Pylons on the move,
Unfolding Landscape,
Journeying from Tokyo to Japan’s Northern Alps,
Schemata stuck in memories
Rivers from snow tipped grey blue mountains
Everywhere vertical pylons carrying electricity and communications.
Wi-Fi available ubiquitously.
Sometimes bright red and blue on rooftops and bridges
Vernacular architecture with triangular roofs.