Expression Of Interest

Digital Artists working with 3D Virtual World tools, technologies and platforms

PingHubVR and DreamStudio collaboration


18th and 19th JULY - LONDON - PENANG



Pinghub is curating a Silk Route Exhibition through the Ages - Past, Present and Future at the Winns Gallery from the 13.7.2018 (Private View) to 22.7.2018

Expressions of Interest for participating in a collaborative workshop with Artist Participants



18th and 19th July 2018 · 9am - 2pm LONDON · 4pm - 9pm PENANG


• VR Artist Practitioners
• Documentary makers
• Student and graduates


Exploratory two-day workshop using 3D / VR immersive platform - MasterPiece (Similar to TiltBrush) with collaborative Artist Participants across two PingHub Creative Hubs and Galleries.


Keeni Kessler Gallery (KKG), 21 Jalan Nagore, Georgetown, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
PinghubVR at the Winns Gallery
William Morris Museum in Walthamstow, East London.


Performative Practice Day 1
Introduction: Across the team of Artists and VR/3D artists and Creative Practice across both Galleries - Winn, London and KKG, Penang
Performative practice 1: Working with Masterpiece
Performative Practice Day 2
Performative practice 2&3 : Developing a pilot project - on Silk Road, using MasterpieceVR.


To be eligible to apply for this opportunity you are either:
1. An Artist working with Digital Tools, with experience of 3D modelling or Virtual Worlds or Computer Aided Design or Digital Design or Digital Film Production. You are likely to be a specialist in digital or virtual character or environment design or animation or game play or computer game specialist or an immersive installation artist.

2. Documentary makers, artists, film-makers, online media producers

3. Student or graduate - Art, Design, Technology, Computer Games, Animation, or related area
You must be available to attend both days of the two-day workshop at the Winns Gallery or the Keeni Kessler Gallery in Penang. 9am - 2pm in London and 4pm - 9pm in Penang.
The workshop will run over 18th and 19th July 2018. Each session will feed into the next to create a rich creative experience, community and creative outcome. Artist Participants will be expected to attend all sessions.

Programme details


To integrate VR into a collaborative art event across international locations, London - UK, Penang - Malaysia. The event aims to links artists to vendors and also link visitors across different time zones to show how east influences west and vice a versa. To demonstrate this bi-directional artistic influence, this workshop will enable a Multi-user Art Experience. The proposal is to use Masterpiece TiltBrush, facilitating VR Artists to collaborate on a live art work, with each artist either taking turns to create or working together simultaneously or a combination of both. Each artist could build on the work of the other before briefly swapping over each 10 mins, creating an unpredictable direction with each change and something that neither artist would have conceptualised on their own.



Event by invitation only, in response to this Call Out for Expressions of Interest - We are seeking about 8 creative people at each location.


Curatorial and production team

Mark Whittle as Technology provider and Malaysian links for communication set up. Pinghub team as Xiaoyi, Peng, Maureen, Claudia, Sean R and other Pinghub artists.

Expressions of Interest should be emailed to Maureen Kendal, Director of DreamStudio for PinghubVR, if possible before 20th June 2018.

Please include a current resume and insert other application requirements e.g. a cover letter outlining your interest in the role and your skills, attributes and experience as relevant to the role.


Expressions of Interest should provide by email

1. Artist participants’ full contact details and indicate any specific fields of their interest
2. Later - we will send you some Copyright permissions, that will need to be completed and signed
3. Document(s) providing evidence of experience such as a current resume, or any list of projects, studies & publications, or Curriculum Vitae or LinkedIn link to your profile, website or similar.

The PinghubVR partnership with will draw up a list of participants who meet the criteria, skills, experience and knowledge necessary and in accordance with the principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment and absence of conflict of interests.


Protection of personal data

Processing your expression of interest will involve the recording and processing of personal data (such as your name, address and CV). We will seek to adhere to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of such data as indicated by Data Protection and GDPR regulations.
PinghubVR may wish to contact you for further processes which develop this project such as
- Any further call for proposals, tender invitations, awards and grants
- Participation in conferences, workshops, seminars or meetings
- Support for the follow-up and final evaluation of this project
- Any data resulting from this call for expressions of interest will expire after three years from July 22nd 2018

Copyright Permissions

All copyright will remain with all contributors, if requested participants can reserve the option not to have their presentations or contributions used in any final work resulting from these recordings. We will request if you agree to video documentation being shown to potential funders or online. We anticipate using a Creative Commons shared attribution license. We anticipate recording some of the process for documentary and funding application purposes. We anticipate crediting all Artist Participants given their consent.